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Flotation Wheels

Floation Wheels Minimise Soil Compaction

We understand that when it comes to flotation wheels, whether it be for wet ground conditions or simply the need to minimise soil compaction, the perfect flotation wheel equipment doesn’t come as standard with your new tractor or machine.  


That is where the team at Brocks Wheel and Tyre can help!   With extensive knowledge of tractor dimensions and tolerances you can trust our team to provide a solution to solve your specific requirements.  We are not restricted to any brands allowing us to provide the best solution to you. 


Flotation wheels have an ability to withhold large load capacities at a relatively low tyre pressure, this makes Flotation tyres ideal for any type of heavy duty work.  They are extra wide so the tyres are perfect for harvesting machines, tipping trailers, manure spreaders and silage trailers. They also have self-cleaning properties allowing them to keep moving under any conditon and not clog up.   

How BWT can help you

We will look at the options of dual wheels or single flotation wheels and as specialists in our market we keep abreast of any new product or innovation that comes on to the market, such as IF and VF tyres.  These tyres help reduce compaction and increase the performance of the machine. 


For an experienced team in flotation wheels you just need to contact us here.  We are available from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


Flotation Wheels Flotation Wheels