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posted on: 26th Aug 2016

How to store a combine over winter

How to store your combine over winter  Once harvest is over, it can be tempting to put the Combine in the barn and move straight on to the next task.    But wait…   An hour or two spent preparing your combine for storage can save a lot of headaches and extra expense next summer.   Read on to find out more...   Clean the combine to stop damage and rodents  ...
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posted on: 1st Aug 2016

Bridgestone VT-Tractor tyres

New:  Bridgestone VT-Tractor tyres   Are you a tractor dealer or sprayer manufacturer?  A farmer or contractor?  Bridgestone tyres will increase the performance of your tractor, sprayer or implement.   The tyres can carry the weight at lower pressures, this gives many benefits including; increasing crop yield, money savings on fuel, better traction, and increased ride...
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posted on: 12th May 2016

Calculate a Tyre's Load Rating

What is the Load rating of my tyre?   Use the table below to work out the load and speed rating of a tyre. Load index: This is the maximum load that can be carried at the speed indicated by the speed symbol at nominal pressure. Speed Symbol: This is the maximum speed at which a tyre can carry a load that matches the load index.   Load Load Load Load Load Load Load Load   Speed S...
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posted on: 11th May 2016

IF and VF tyres - what are they?

What are IF and VF tyres? Quick Facts: IF Tyres IF stands for Increased Flexion Improves tyre performance by 20% compared to standard tyres. VF Tyres VF stands for Very High Flexion Improves tyre performance by 40% compared to standard tyres. More information on the differences between IF and VF tyres. IF and VF are categories of tyres that will help increase farming efficiency through...
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