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About Us

Who we are.


Brocks Wheel & Tyre (BWT) have grown from a family farming background to become one of the UK’s largest, dedicated wheel and tyre distributors for agriculture.


Our friendly sales team are trained specially in understanding farming processes as well as product knowledge.


What we do.


Our mission is ‘to be UK’s agricultural wheel supplier of choice’ to achieve this, it is imperative that we assist our clients in meeting key business objectives.


How we achieve this.


Have you ever felt confused by wheels and tyres - their widths, diameters and compatibility? If you have, you’re not alone!


BWT have mastered this technical field of expertise through regularly sourcing up-to-date technical data, stocking many different sizes and makes and through years of experience both in and out of the field.


We may ask you a number of questions, from track width, ratio figures on the tractor, application, and budget - this is all essential in proposing the best solution for you.